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15 reported dead as Biafran group, Cameroonian forces battle for control of Isangele-Bakassi

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No fewer than 15 persons have been reportedly killed following an exchange of gunfire between the Biafra separatist fighter group, Dragon Fighter Marine and the Rapid d’intervention Battalions (BIR) of Cameroon

As reported by Sunrise Daily TV, the pro-Biafra militant group in a bid to capture localities in Isangele subdivision of Bakassi were overwhelmed by superior gunfire of Cameroonian forces on Monday.

According to the report, the Biafran group tried to gain entrance to the barracks to kill the divisional commander before the BIR responded with heavy gunfire killing three members of the group.

The report also stated that a source revealed that the Dragon Fighter Marine fired severally inside the barracks killing 12 soldiers at a spot.

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Meanwhile, on Friday, an explosion reportedly killed five Cameroonian soldiers escorting a vessel in Atabong East High Sea of Bakassi Peninsula.

It was reported that the armed group suspected to be the Dragon Fighter Marine pursued the vessel from behind and threw explosives at the escorts.

Residents of Atabong East linked the attack to the Biafra rebel fighters who have held the region hostage.

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