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8 facts about Imo State’s $4.2 billion gas plant

By Joe Udo

Two independent gas projects (Seplat & Shell) worth $4.2 billion are currently set for completion in Imo State.

Below are the 8 facts you need to know about the gas project as compiled by IgbereTV;

1. Seplat gas project costs $700 million while Shell gas project costs $3.5 billion, totalling $4.2 billion, which is more than the GDP of Ogun State, the most industrialised state in Western Nigeria.

8 facts about Imo State's $4.2 billion gas plant

2. Both projects are located in the Asa North – Ohaji (ANOH) gas processing area.

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3. Seplat plant will produce 300 million metric standard cubic feet of gas daily while Shell plant will produce 600 MMscfd, equivalent of 2.4 GW (not MW) of electricity.

8 facts about Imo State's $4.2 billion gas plant

4. At completion, Asa North – Ohaji (2 LGAs in Imo) will produce 900 MMscfd, which will make the zone Nigerian gas powerhouse and with a GDP that is about 1.2x bigger than the GDPs of Ogun and Ondo, 1.5X bigger than Oyo GDP, and 2.5x bigger than Ekiti and Osun GDPs.

5. ANOH gas zone will supply steady gas to Ogun state via a gas pipeline.

8 facts about Imo State's $4.2 billion gas plant

6. Shell gas project sits on a 200 hectares of land.

7. Both projects will be commissioned this year. Seplat project is due for completion in Q3 2024.

8 facts about Imo State's $4.2 billion gas plant

8. The Assa North and Ohaji fields contain reserves of 4.3 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas in addition to 215 million barrels (Mmbbls) of condensate.

Joe Udo
Joe Udo
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