Friday, 24 May 2024.

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Cities: Skylines 2 receives Beach Asset Pack free DLC, DLSS 2 support

By James Ovie

Colossal Order and Paradox launched an update for “Cities: Skylines 2” yesterday. The update mainly includes the “Beach Properties” DLC and DLSS 2 support.

See the main updates below:

New content

  • Added NVIDIA DLSS2 super score support

  • Some path optimisations

  • UI optimisation

  • Optimised the game’s maximum frame rate

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Feature improvements/Bug fixes

  • Mod options are now sorted alphabetically

  • Matched the icon colours of bus stops and mailboxes in the information view

  • Citizens in cities are more likely to use taxis to move around

  • Automatically pause and display any pending legal documents when resuming the previous game from the launcher

  • Fixed a game crash after launching a new game on a custom map using the editor

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after placing any truck from the “Add Object” menu in developerMode

  • Fixed issue with broken road connections after game crash

  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed after loading the map for Landfill maps created in the editor

  • Fixed a scheduling issue that caused service vehicles to have difficulty reaching certain targets under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue where the road facility tool on existing roads could randomly go into the wrong location

  • Fixed an issue with broken grid alignment

  • Fixed duplicate city service maintenance items for upgraded buildings

  • Fixed the issue where the scheduled train was stuck at the railway yard and could not depart when there were multiple spawning trains and arriving trains at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue where some elements remained on the map after dismantling a hydroelectric power plant

  • Fixed an issue where some tutorial mission lists failed to reset when selecting “Reset Tutorial” from the game options.

  • Improved unknown of tutorial mode UI to prevent overlapping with the bottom toolbar

  • Fixed missing colour content for destroyed buildings in the disaster control information view

  • Unified interface/panel transparency

  • Fixed an issue where the game could not be saved after changing the name using a controller and virtual keyboard

  • Menu notification thumbnail images will now retain their aspect ratio

  • Various screen resolution fixes

  • Multiple text fixes

  • Controller fixes:

  • Added reset properties and captured keyframe actions for controllers

  • Improved controller navigation and focus styles for a more intuitive and streamlined user experience

  • Fixed an issue where various tools were unavailable when selecting assets using a controller

  • Fixed editor bottom bar slider not working with controllers

  • Fixed an issue with the project selector slider not working with controllers

  • Fixed an issue where controller slider buttons were inverted when the slider’s start value was higher than its end value

James Ovie
James Ovie
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